As of March 2015 this project is being retired. The recordings are available for purchase at

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A New Project – The Trumps Card by Card


James and I have gotten excited about starting a new direction with our podcasting. We are going to spend a whole episode on each of the major arcana and go through the whole series of 22 trumps. This new project “The Trumps Card by Card” is available for purchase episode by episode ($3) or if you know you love what we do you can support this project (and save) by purchasing them all at once. People who sign up for all the episode will be invited to a private group to discuss the exercises and podcast content. If this sounds like something that is part of your spiritual journey please click here to learn more and sign up.

Thanks for listening so far.
Andrew & James.  

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Episode 15 – Ego and the Hanged Man

The Hanged Man can carry a wide range of meanings. James and Andrew talk about becoming “wise mush”, being punished, getting hung up, and how to deal with transition and feeling stuck.

Episode 15 – Ego and the Hanged Man You can also listen to this podcast via iTunes.

The Triomphes MMXII. A limited edition deck.

The Triomphes MMXII. A limited edition deck.




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Episode 6 – Miracles and Magic

In this episode James and Andrew talk about miracles and magic. How can we use magic to change our lives? Where do miracles come from? How do these ideas show up in readings?

Episode 6 – Miracles and Magic. You can also listen to this podcast via iTunes.

Here are all the images that get talked about in the podcast.

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